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Monday 28th September, 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Parent Survey

Thank you to all parents who completed the Settling In parent survey.  Your feedback, comments and suggestions are highly valued.  This week we will be surveying the children and asking them to reflect on how they have settled in since returning to school.  I will upload a summary report to the school website by the end of this week.  Please keep an eye on the weekly newsletter for an update.


I wanted to provide you with an update on attendance levels across the school and in different year groups.  Attendance currently looks as follows:



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


07/09 –11/09









14/09 – 18/09









21/09 – 25/09









I hope that in the coming weeks that we can improve on these percentages.  Every school day counts!

Remote Learning

Today parents will have been emailed a letter from Mr Bowman with a link to a recorded video presentation about the school’s approach to remote learning if a class or small number of pupils need to self-isolate or in the event of a local lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home.  

Remote learning will be provided in the form of:

  • Video lessons
  • Online resources
  • Offline resources

A copy of the letter is displayed below:

View document remote_learning/letter_to_parents_-_remote_learning_arrangements_280920.pdf

The recorded presentation and a text only version of the presentation can be found below: 


View document remote_learning/online_learning_provision.pdf

Please note that the school is only able to provide offline resources for individual pupils self-isolating.  This is because your child’s class teacher will be teaching in the classroom full time and will not have the capacity to record and upload video lessons as well as set online work.

Parents’ Evening

We are not able to schedule face-to-face parents’ evenings.  Direct contact between different sets of parents and teachers increases the risk of onward transmission and raises the possibility of further disruption should a parent or teacher subsequently develop COVID-19 symptoms.  I will review parents’ evening arrangements towards half term, but am very likely to proceed with telephone consultations instead. Parents’ evening will take place after the October half term.  Nevertheless, parents needing to speak to their child’s class teacher can request a telephone call.  This can be done via the school office.

Class Assemblies

I am going to schedule class assemblies for each class and will inform parents of dates in this week’s newsletter.  Unfortunately, class assemblies will not be held live.  Instead they will be recorded in school and made available online for you to watch.  Hopefully, we might be able to hold more community events, like class assemblies, in school later in the school year.  If this is the case, any class assembly scheduled after this point will return to being held face-to-face and performed live in the school hall.

The most important message remains – if your child is ill with symptoms of COVID-19, you must keep them at home, inform school and book a test. If a child becomes ill whilst in school, we will isolate them, contact you immediately to collect them and advise you to get a test.  

In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19, we will engage with track and trace, and seek further guidance from our local health protection team.

Please take a look at the Suspected and Confirmed COVID-19 flow charts for information on the steps that the school will follow in the event of a child or member of staff presenting with COVID-19 symptoms or testing positive for COVID-19.

View document covid-19/covid-19_suspected_cases.pdf

View document covid-19/covid-19_confirmed_cases.pdf

In addition, please read COVID-19 Absence - A Quick Guide for Parents and Carers.  This document was based on the Great Manchester Combined Authority 'COVID-19 absence: a quick guide for parents/carers'.

View document letters/parent_letters_2020-2021/covid-19_absence_-_a_quick_guide_for_parents_and_carers_140920.pdf

Yours sincerely,

Mr Grogan