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Pupil Voice

At John Burns Primary School, we value the views of our pupils as much as we do parents and staff.

We believe pupils benefit hugely from active participation within the school community.

We teach them that their views are important and empower them to influence and inform decisions that affect their lives.

Some of the benefits of involving children and young people in decision-making are:

  • it encourages pupils to become active participants in a democratic society - developing skills such as co-operation and communication and encourage them to take responsibility. 
  • it contributes to achievement and attainment - young people involved in participative work benefit in a range of different ways. Increased confidence, self-respect, competence and an improved sense of responsibility have all been reported by young people who contribute in school. This can also increase motivation and engagement within learning. 

Pupils have the opportunity to participate both formally and informally. 

In March 2021, we surveyed pupils in Year 1 - Year 6 about their views on being back in school since reopening.

Pupil Settling-In Survey - March 2021

In October 2020, we surveyed pupils in Year 1 - Year 6 about their views and opinions on the changes to school routines since reopening, as well as how well they have settled back at school.

Pupil Settling-In Survey - October 2020